As it is born

Our story begins with the desire to improve the lives of people with special nutritional needs. We wanted to reduce, at least at the table, the distances from others that these individuals live. Proximity to the consumer has been the motivation of our studies and research.

Woman kneads dough for make pizza on wooden. Cooking concept.Woman kneads dough for make pizza on wooden. Cooking concept.

The realization

We managed to create products rich in Useful Fibers (Arabinoxylans) that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates.

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Our products have multiple benefits.
The advantages of our products.


Talking about diabetes

430 million diabetics worldwide, 600 million diabetics in 2040.
Diabetes has a significant social and health impact, the average world expenditure is 11.5% of health expenditure.

Questions and answers

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Does not cause glycemic spikes
Does not cause glycemic spikes
A valuable benefit for the diabetic because it will allow him to reduce the amount of medication.
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It feeds the final part of the intestine, thus all the infinite benefits of prebiotics: protective against inflammatory bowel disease; increase bioavailability of water calcium and magnesium (very useful, for example, during menopause); preventive in colon, breast and prostate cancer by increasing bioavailability of isoflavones; decrease cholesterol and triglycerides.
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Prevents diabetes
Prevents diabetes
One of the main causes of diabetes is a diet rich in sugar, which leads to high glycaemic spikes; therefore, we will not have violent spikes, the main cause of type 2 diabetes, by combining an appropriate lifestyle.
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Lowers cholesterol
Lowers cholesterol
Helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
Prolongs satiety
Prolongs satiety
Positive for those who want to go on slimming diets or do not want to gain weight.
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Improved performance
Improved performance
Improves sports performance, especially in the final, where the outcome of the competition is often decided.
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Drastically reduced lignin and cellulose, this gives greater digestibility, hence a taste equal to ordinary flour, eliminating the perception of so much fibre in chewing and bitter aftertaste, typical of lignin and cellulose; the colour also remains that of the normal product.

Questions and answers

The following are the questions, with answers, that we are most frequently asked. We also added what we think might be the doubts that arise when reading about our products for the first time.

What products do you make?

We want to cover the nutritional needs of the whole day, from breakfast biscuits, to fresh or dry pasta of the main meals, to pizzas with friends, to salty snacks.

Who can eat them?

Signor Semplice products can be eaten by anyone who eats traditional bread and pasta, they are also particularly suitable for diabetics, athletes, people who want to lose weight and high cholesterol.

Can children eat them?

Of course, anyone who eats traditional bread and pasta.

How do Arabinoxylans work?

The great attitude of arabinoxylans is to bind permanently to sugars and release them very slowly throughout the intestinal tract.

What are the benefits of taking these products?

The products Signor Semplice have the good fortune to offer multiple benefits: they do not give glycemic peak, are prebiotic, help prevent diabetes, help lower blood cholesterol levels, prolong the sense of satiety, improve sports performance and are more easily digestible.

What kind of process do you use to produce these products?

It is a NATURAL process, which uses an enzymatic complex that separates the soluble fraction of the fiber from the insoluble one. In this way the useful fibres, the soluble ones, in particular the arabinoxylans, are released more. In the same passage the insoluble fibres, lignin and cellulose are almost totally lost. It is, at this point, a product of the same color as a traditional product, with the same taste, without any bitter aftertaste and without the fiber in the chewing, typical defects of an integral product.

Where can we find these products for sale ?

We will soon be in the best supermarkets.

Do you have sports collaborations ?

Yes, the relationship was born with the nutritionists of basketball Varese, who approve and recommend our products. Hence, our sponsorship of this glorious and historic basketball team of Serie A.

What do they taste like?

They have the same taste as traditional products.

Do I have to follow recipes or special instructions for preparation ?

Absolutely not, our pasta, our ravioli, our pizzas, must be prepared as you usually do with traditional products.

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